Journal Entry: Kayla Vead Lachney-01/29/2024

Journal Entry

4:40 PM

Well as of today I have less than 48 hours till I Surrender myself to Bryan Federal Prison Camp
on January 31, 2024, as many of you may know that who has been following my Journals. As I
am in very good spirits today visited with my aunt and grandmother till around 3:30 pm today.
My baby sister texted me saying she in her feeling today so I had to lift her up in spirits and tell
her I’m fine and that she should be to. My husband is deep down today he is hurting and
coming to realize that I not a dream that I Am leaving I’m actually going and reality is setting in.
On Wednesday January 31, 2024 after I get to Bryan Texas, My husband and kids will go to
Orlando FL with my Dad, And my Brother N Law for the Pro Bowl Games for the NFL my boys
play flag football for Louisiana and they will won the regional championship to represent the
Saints in the Pro Bowl 2024 in Orlando to play for the NFL League to see who come out and bring
home that WIN for the Flag Football League, my kids play for the Dream League in Louisiana. So
I will finish my evening going watch them practice for their very last day of the season and
before I Leave and go on with my journey serving 36 months in Federal Prison leaving behind my
family who I love dearly.

Kayla Vead Lachney