Journal Entry: Kayla Vead Lachney-01/23/2024

Journal Entry

8:11 PM

Well today was an ok day, until I go bad news on me trying to get a surrender date till a
week later and the judge denied it as of 5:30 Pm today. Said for me to seek counsel
soon when I reach, he Bureau of Prison. So, with that being said bought my boys to
football practice and watched them and sat around and talking to my sister and my
husband trying to laugh but deep down I’m dying inside. We laughed, we cried me and
my sister as we talked about our fun times. Once Practice was finished, we came home
ate, took baths and away I tucked my boys in goodnight. Finally, I lay in my bed and
think to myself WOW in just 9 short days, my life will only be me alone by myself feeling
alone, lost, and starting a new life. The fear of me leaving is tearing me apart.

Kayla Vead Lachney