Journal Entry: Kayla Vead Lachney-01/19/2024

Journal Entry

9:00 PM. @ Home

As I sit here watching TV tonight with my husband and listening to my boys play their
PlayStation online with their friends all I can imagine is I’m leaving in 12 Days to
surrender myself to Federal Prison in Bryan Texas. Never could I imagine, in my life 4
years ago today I be facing 36 Months in prison and leaving behind my Husband, Kids,
Grandkids, Parents & Siblings, If I could turn back time I would and look at the wrong, I
did in a different way. Never in my life history or anything did I think I was doing wrong
as in embezzling monies; my boss was like a mother to me that I never had, I believed
in her so much and learned a lot from her good things and bad. I’ve learned never put
your heart into anything unless you are 100% correct on it because in the end your life
and family is at risk for any wrong doing, and in the end you will be facing everything
alone that you done wrong Ive learned right from wrong in these 2 years I’ve battled
this night maire of what has happened it hearts so many people around you including
loved ones and your community. This journey will be hard as F**k but I’m make the best
of it in the next 36 -Months, I will have time to think and see all what I’m missing over
bad choices to satisfy my wants. Once these 36 – Months are done I hope to come
home and help many people in my community understand what happened to me in
making the choices I did and how it affected me. I’m write every day from here on out
about my journey to prison and in Prison and how everything I’ve I’m going to do could
help someone reading my story. UNTIL NEXT TIME. I AM GOING TO SLEEP AND

I call out the LORD when I’m in trouble and he answers.

Kayla Vead Lachney