Journal Entry: Justin Norcutt-04/26/2024

Journal Entry

Journal entry for 4/22/24 through 4/26/24

Finishing up this fourth week I feel as though I am grasping the intricacies of heavy equipment operation which I must give an appreciation to the experience of staff here for their patience and dedication to passing along this needed knowledge to the craft. I must also take pride in myself for putting forth the many late nights of study after my day has ended to becoming familiar with the lessons taught each day at the Workforce Training Academy. Always presented with fresh challenges, yet I met them head-on, eager to grow and learn.

As the sun rose on another day at the training yard, my boots crunched against the gravel path leading to the equipment I am training on each new day. The heat of the Arizona sun is a challenge of its own as the dust all around leaves a thick haze and sticks to my sweaty skin. With a steaming cup of coffee in hand, I join my classmates, ready to tackle whatever the day has in store.

The routine had become a familiar rhythm, from the early morning starts to the afternoon wrap-ups. My determination fuels my every move, propelling me through the rigorous curriculum of Level 1 and 2 heavy equipment operation 3rd Edition studies.

This week, however, was different. It was the week of exams – a culmination of weeks of study and practice. Monday arrived with a flurry of nerves as I faced not one, but two exams. The weight and anticipation hung heavy in the air as I pored over my laptop notes, mentally preparing myself for the challenge ahead.

With each exam conquered, my confidence soared. My hard work and dedication reflected in my scores, a testament to the countless hours spent pouring over the materials and notes taken late into the night.

But my commitment to learning didn’t end when the school day did. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the training yard, I drove home, ate dinner and yet again put several more hours into this investment into myself and the better life I am pursuing, determined to cement my understanding and sharpen my skills.

Through exhaustion and the occasional moments of tiredness , I continued to press on, fueled by my unwavering determination and the unwavering support of those around me who not only invested capital in my learning but their valuable time! As now being older and limited on time myself I can only thank these individuals and honor them by not wasting this gift from these amazing people. Each word of encouragement from them and my instructors, each nod of approval from my classmates, serves me as a reminder of how far I have come in the 16 months I have been home.

As I sign my signature at the bottom of yet another week’s reflection, I feel a sense of pride swell within me. For in the face of adversity, I have persevered. And with each passing day, I am yet another step closer to achieving my dreams.

For all of you following my posts and passing your positive vibes on I must thank you and I will continue to share my journey each week.


Justin Ray Norcutt