Journal Entry: Josue Rivera-05/18/2024

Journal Entry

It’s been a great month at this new job. It’s been interesting heading over to emergency situations when people have overdosed and being ready to administer Narcan and provide first aid. I also respond to post-overdose follow-ups by phone or in person at the client’s residence. It’s emotionally draining but rewarding to do outreach daily to people who are in the active throws of addiction. The clients I serve are really in the Pre-contemplation stage of change. This is the stage where they don’t really believe they have a need for the services of a detox, methadone or suboxone (M.A.T.) or even a temporary shelter. It’s a fulfilling job being able to connect with people at this stage because I know there will come a time when they say “I’m ready. Let’s go.”

It’s been a great opportunity for me to use my experience in recovery, my skills and the desire to show compassion and love to these individuals who have experienced trauma most of their lives.