Journal Entry: Josue Rivera-03/11/2024

Journal Entry

Over the weekend, I completed the Dr. Demartini Breakthrough Experience. This is an event I’ve been waiting for quite some time. Since 2020. It’s finally happening online.

The biggest takeaways, and there were many, I walked away from this event were the reminder of the power of internal forces to shape our lives. As we live in congruency with our highest values, we are intrinsically driven to achieve goals that are aligned with these highest values. For me, it’s being the best father, husband, and leader for my relationships. It’s also brings massive value to my relationships by learning, growing, and being at peace within myself.

Living in subordination to others’ values, we procrastinate and can’t seem to sustain any progress we’ve made. We maintain this inner conflict we unconsciously move towards the things that may not be healthy for ourselves, our family, and society.

I reaffirmed, as well as picked up new rituals, to turn into habits for continued success.