Journal Entry: Joshua Mark Taylor-09/09/2023-Millionaires of Time

Journal Entry

My friends and family always seem so busy; there is so much to get done and such little time to do it. Here, however, things are much different. Jon Kearn used to say, “We are the millionaires of time.” There is much opportunity to reflect and make meaningful change when forced to “lay down beside the still waters” (Psalm 23:2).

King David said, “In faithfulness, you have afflicted me” (Psalm 119:75). I obviously did something wrong which led to my incarceration, but the circumstances were always in God’s hands. He was faithful to put me in the exact circumstance where change would happen while allowing the heavy consequences to break apart my pride, selfishness, and reliance on addictive crutches.

Today in my devotions, I read Isaiah 9 and 10. Israel was about to be destroyed as a consequence to their actions. Instead of changing, they boastfully claimed that if God destroyed them they would rebuild even better (Isaiah 9:9-13). They didn’t. I am very fortunate to have not chosen the way of ancient Israel. I see and feel the changes in myself, but even more miraculously, I see God using me to help others. I am being rebuilt on His terms.