Journal Entry: Jordan Ashley Raske-10/07/2023

Journal Entry

I love to study. I will dive right into a textbook, take notes, gain all this knowledge. A realization hit me, in order to better myself from all these books, self help especially, I need to apply them 24/7. So, I started to write just to write. No textbook. No “How to”. Just me, my pen, my feelings. I wrote a list of questions I can’t answer, questions I can, and what I know. Also, a list called, “But God…”. It’s all the flaws I see in myself, but Gods perspective is different. For example, I feel alone even if there are a million people around me… but God is always with me no matter where I’m at, watching, protecting, and loving me. Also, my heart wants to run from people who could hurt me and shut down… but God is showing me grace so I can give unlimited grace to others, and if I get hurt, God will heal me and press forward with me. It’s not much, but it’s my start to a journey of discovering and loving myself.