Journal Entry: Jordan Ashley Raske-10/06/2023

Journal Entry

Do you ever have those days where everything goes wrong and everything irritates you? Today, I fell backwards with an 80 pound bag of concrete, and and hour later, tripped and rolled down a dirt hill. Work was a good experience, learning concrete, and to notice when God tests you to stay optimistic in pessimistic situations. After I got off work, I went to shower. Realizing I forgot a soap after I completely undress, I redress and get the soap, to come back and notice my towel on the floor. Alright then, I pick it up, shower, then the shelf breaks and all my soaps, luffa, everything, fall to the ground and break. Every. Little. Thing. My whole day consisted of things like this, and I didn’t act positive in every situation, but I think I did good for the most part. Tomorrow is a new day and a start to a three day weekend.