Journal Entry: Jordan Ashley Raske-08/15/2023

Journal Entry

The little things to people on the outside can be considered a big deal to us on the inside. I had a video visit with my dad, really looking forward to it. He has been there for me in his own way, sometimes inconsistent, but I know he has a lot going on, still appreciating every ounce of support he has given me. About three months ago, he was in a coma about to die. Ever since then, I’ve had a huge worry in my heart every time I don’t hear from him all day. It may be unfair on my part, but I think there needs to be a compromise on both parts. Today, he didn’t show up for the video visit, answer my calls, or message me. I’m understanding he is busy or may be tired, and just pray he’s okay. I think this scenario is common among incarcerated people.