Journal Entry: Jordan Ashley Raske-08/01/2023

Journal Entry

There are always two different perspectives on being an inmate. One is that we are in prison so we don’t have to work hard for our little paying job or take care of anything. This is a temporary vacation. The other perspective, mine personally, is if we make excuses during incarceration, we will make excuses in society. Change starts here. We don’t leave prison Monday and become a whole new person on Tuesday. We leave prison whatever we made ourselves to be during incarceration. I had to remind myself to give everything to God and work on myself, and that’s something I have to keep reminding myself of, even upon my release. Tonight I get to pray over something so important with my mentor, and mother figure. It’s crazy to think you could meet somebody so meaningful and crucial to life in a dark place. It’s an honor to be able to pray with her and have her in my life in general. Thank you, Lord. Thank you Mama K. I love you.