Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-12/28/2023

Journal Entry

Today’s journal begins with. I’ve just started reading a book called Your Greatest Power by J. Martin Kohe. In this wonderful book of knowledge, Mr. Kohe talks about we all having the power of Choice. This is a very powerful power to have. If it is used wrongly then we reap the benefits of bad decision making. However, if we choose to make the right choice, then the benefits of power are endless. Mr. Kohe also says “Failure can be turned into success” When I look at the life or Mr. Santos I can see how this statement is so true. Depending on how we think in our situations, good or bad, will decide the outcome of that situation. Today my thoughts are positive, my motives are positive. I no longer move according to the in-crowd and what other’s people are doing just to be a part of them. When I read about the life of Halim Flowers and how things got turned around because of him changing the way that he thought and how that impacted his outcome I believe that we all have that power within us. We just have to activate it.

I guess this is a bit of a book report and journal. Thank you all for what you are doing with your valuable time. I am blessed to have your support. ……………..