Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-12/28/2023

Journal Entry

Picked up 4 books this week. Laws of Success, 17 Keys To Success, The Magic Ladder To Success, and Your Greatest Power all authored by Napoleon Hill. I completed Your Greatest Power today 12-29-23. It was a 72-page read that is full of power. This book focused on the power of CHOICE in one’s life. Bad decision-making comes from bad thoughts. If I think negatively on a situation, then negative results happen. How I think empowers my actions. A long time ago I read Think and Grow Rich- A Black Choice. It was a completed version by another individual(I can’t think of his name at this point. But the point is that Napoleon Hill as great of a writer he was/is. He was before his time. The things he taught on a such an early age as much as 13 years old is a wonder in itself. I will go back and re-read Think and Grow Rich-A Black Choice(I just thought of his name Dennis Kimbrough(not sure of the spelling of the last name. But in that book, I can recall reading about, my actions, my thoughts, my decisions. All these elements wrapped up in one place within me. If I choose to be defeated in any situation, it is only because of the way that I thought about the situation. I recently completed the Non-Residential Drug and Treatment Program here at Leavenworth. What I learned is that. In my past, I made bad choices, being with the wrong people, smoking weed, drinking and hanging in the streets all at an early age. I found myself trapped in making bad choices because it was what I had grown to become accustomed to.

Note to self: Do not allow anyone to alter my thinking! Just a powerful thought that came to mind.
My goal for the next 30 days is to complete these readings of Napoleon Hill. Apply the principles that are within them and strive to make my thoughts bigger and better than yesterday’s.