Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-02/08/2024

Journal Entry

Well, I just had the pleasure of speaking with Mr… Tommy Walker III and it was truly a blessing. Just the other day I spoke to my cell buddy about him because his story is in Success After Prison. To have been sentenced three life sentences and presently at home with family and love ones is truly a story to talk about. As I read his story I was able to identify with a lot of his story centered around a life of crime and violence and the turning of that lifestyle around while incarcerated. A lot of critics would say that yeah, you change because you want to get out. While this may be one of the valid issues it is not the single one issue. In AA and NA there is a saying that when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired you will do something different, (Change). I used to try to change for everyone else, my daughter, my mother, my family. I never offered the change to be for myself, until now. Well, why now? you ask. Well, my sick and tired is now and I will not leave this earth a legend of filth and law-breaking stories. I will leave my name in an honorable way, a pleasant and pleasing way. One of the 17 Keys to Success that Napoleon Hill speaks about in his book(17 Keys To Success) is. Know your Destiny. Decide what you want and be the key to delivering that desire to yourself. Mr.. Santos talks about The Unyielding Spirit of Resilience. Just what does that mean? Keep moving forward regardless of the nay sayers. Opposition will come, stand, be firm, take your place and fight for what you want. I will be successful, not only today but tomorrow and in the future to come. Well, that’s all for now, I was really excited to have spoken with Mr. Walker, my next goal is to speak with Mr. Halim Flowers from my hometown of Washington, DC. Peace…..