Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-02/01/2024

Journal Entry

Well, here I am again. It’s Thursday the first of Feb. Let’s see, I’ll start here. As you know I’ve started this working out thing, well I’m just really getting on the elliptical and doing what I can. So I’ve been at it for over a week now and I must admit I’m feeling a little better than I have been. When I first started I could only do like ten minutes, I’m now up to 25 minutes and working on different programs. Yesterday I did a random setting and that was like working on different levels as much as level 35 and down, then back up, it got me working really good. This morning I did something like mountain climbing and on different levels, and again that worked me even more. So I’ve been also trying to keep up with my steps per day with this step counter. Monday and Tuesday I got in close to 9 thousand steps but yesterday I did a little over 10 thousand and today as I write this I’m at 9,898 and it’s 8:45 pm. I personally think I’ve been doing good. I’m trying to cut back on my starches, rice, potatoes, bread, you know and then there is the sweets, my weakness but I’m holding on and doing pretty good–at least I think so anyway. I got an email from my wife. She was somewhat upset. She just lost a friend of hers, to and OD. It kind of like brought bad bad memories from my past drug addictions. We’ll just keep them all in prayer you know. Ok, that’s it for now. I’ll go eat my snack which is some trail mix and water. I’m out…Peace….