Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-01/30/2024

Journal Entry

Today has been, well I would say not a bad day but a day of experience in the joint. This experience here in the federal system has been a very challenging one. Yes, this is my first time in a federal institution. I’m here because DC does not have a prison system of their own so I’m like a rented piece of property doing federal time. Anywho, I completed another program class today, Money Smart for Older Adults. It would be nice to get credit as in FSA days for programming but since I’m not a federal inmate I can’t qualify for days for good time or programming. What’s my point? Well, when you are journaling there does not have to be a point-you just write what’s you feel and think as I am now doing. I have a sister. We haven’t seen each other in years. She’s had her issues as I have had mine. Anywho, she has contacted me and asked that I contact her for a conversation. This must be of importance to her because she is reaching out. Oh, I’m also in a vocational shop for Janitorial Maintenance. I’m coming on completing my Department of Labor Teachers Aide training hours within the next month or so. So I’m really taken advantage of what’s being offered here. Can’t let the time do me. MY workout is going well, I’ve stepped it up a bit on the elliptical. This morning I started out on level 5 for 20 minutes. It was a bit challenging but I got through with it. Ok so now it’s time for me to end this. I just felt like talking a bit. I’m good. Until next time…I am and will always be JUST ME!