Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-01/22/2024

Journal Entry

Just over a week ago, I had stopped a case manager during the lunch line and ask two questions. Why is it when I am teamed once every six months or 12 months, I am only presented with a team sheet to sign? There has never been a Team Review that consisted of the Unit Manager, Case Manager & Counselor. The answer blew me out of the water. I was told that my case manager is the primary person on the team. I did not have to be review by the three because what the case manager’s decision is is what it is going to be. My response-So why call it a Team Review when only one person is making the decision? No response. Next, I stated that I am in the process of creating a Release Plan and I would like to have a copy made for the Unit Team(of three persons). I was then questioned. Why are you creating a Release Plan and for what purpose? Can you believe this? I couldn’t A case manager questioned me as to why am I creating a release plan and for what purpose. Ok, I see it this way. The system may talk about Reentry and Programming but does it really stand on that? A release plan would place me in a better position of not returning to prison and that would affect those who are employed by the system. Meaning that if more justice=impacted people would not return to prison, others may have to seek other employment, investors of the system would have to find new investments. Are you getting my point? Any who, I’m making a new path for my life and if doing right and being just is going to have such an affect on people, than so be it.

On another note: I’ve started working out this morning, I got on this thing called the elliptical and believe me when I tell you, it works every thing. Well that’s all for now…Later