Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-01/02/2024

Journal Entry

I’m here at Leavenworth USP in Kansas. I have been at USP Hazelton, and FCI Hazelton. There during each team meeting I was only given a piece of paper to sign, which acknowledged that a team had taken place. After doing a bit of personal research I’ve found out that a team consist of Case Manager, Counselor, Unit Manager. I have yet since coming into the federal system 2020 met with a team of this sort. No one has been able to explain to me why no team of all three is being presented. When I have been teamed over the years the case manager normally does not want to answer any questions, they simply instruct you to sign the review paper, and tell you that they will see you again in 6 months. There is no support system set up that I could present my Release Plan to. I have started putting together my Release plan and have reached out to many departments seeking assistance in certain areas, all to no avail at this point. I have taken multiple classes and programs that has been a restructing tool for my life. Being a DC Coded Sentenced inmate, I am not technically a federal inmate, I am just doing my time within the federal system because DC has no prison to house it’s inmates. With that being said I am not given the opportunity to be given FSA credits for any programs/classes that I have thus taken. This is not encouraging for any of us but I still program. To me this system is set up for one to fail and return to prison. Here at Leavenworth USP, it is very challenging. The correctional staff that have been appointed to assist has a very distant style type of relationships. You normally get a no to a question that has not even been asked yet. I have no idea why it is like this but it seems to be the acceptable norm. I still strive in light of these developments to accomplish my desired goal of being free again. Success After Prison and it’s format has given me a new hope to look forward to. They say that with resistance come growth and I find myself getting stronger and stronger every day. Thank you Mr. Santos for being the example that it can be done.