Journal Entry: Jonathan B Little-01/02/2024

Journal Entry

Got news yesterday that my mother was home from the hospital and recovering fine. I’m so thankful for that. So 2024 has arrived and again it is a new year. Now what the year brings will depend on what my mind delivers. I am in constant training of my mine. I had a class this afternoon Money Smarts for the Elderly. The class focused on becoming aware of scammers seeking to benefit from the elderly. Knowledge is power, the more you know and grow the more power you obtain. In the book of Law of Success Mr. Hill talks about the Master Mind and how this Master Mind is developed by the existing minds of two or more growing in a state of movement in harmony, key word is HARMONY. When you have minds that are in harmony, great things can happen. Mr. Talks about Henry Ford, and how he used his mind by uniting with others that allowed him to finance his dreams of becoming one of(if not) the most powerful man during his time on earth. Mr. Santos talks about the Master Mind in one of his books. So I can see, how Mr. Santos developed relationships with powerful minds and allowed him to succeed after prison. That’s what I’m chasing. I don’t want to become powerful but I do want to become successful and power comes after success. Success After Prison is giving me the opportunity to master my own fate, my own destiny. 2024 will be a mind blowing year for me, I see it, I believe it, I feel it.