Journal Entry: John Dalaly-11/10/2023-Journey of Faith

Journal Entry

Embracing Adversity: A Journey of Faith and Inspiration

As I draw nearer to the day of my surrender to the federal prison camp at Hazelton, which is now just 20 days away, I find myself reflecting on the wisdom and inspiration I’ve gleaned from leaders who have profoundly impacted my life. Today, I’m reminded of the powerful message shared by Joel Osteen, a beacon of hope and positivity in a world often marked by challenges and setbacks.

Joel Osteen’s words have always resonated with me, and his message of faith and resilience has become a guiding light as I prepare to embark on this unexpected journey behind bars. His teachings remind me that, despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, we have the power to shape our destinies and find meaning in adversity.

As I contemplate the uncertainty that lies ahead, I am reminded of Joel Osteen’s emphasis on faith. He speaks of a predestined life, one in which every chapter, even the challenging ones, contributes to our ultimate victory. It is faith that keeps us moving forward, even when we face disappointments or losses.

In my own life, I have witnessed the profound impact of faith. It has been a constant companion, guiding me through both triumphs and tribulations. As I prepare to surrender to prison, I rely upon my faith, believing that there is a purpose to this chapter of my life—a purpose that extends beyond my own understanding.

I always say, everything happens for a reason. Our job is to find the purpose and create meaning. We must use this strategy in good times and in bad times. We must trust in God, and accept that he has a plan for us. I have had to live with that message from my infancy. As I wrote earlier, I was born as a conjoined twin. After the surgeons separated us, my brother died. That was longer than 71 years ago. My brother was only with us for my first few months of life. But even to this day, he is a dear and beloved part of my life. Recently, I made a headstone for him and brought it to our family plot at The Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, in Southfield, Michigan. I always wanted to be closer to him. Even though I grew up on earth and my twin brother Dale grew up in heaven, our faith of being together brings me strength.

I trust in God’s plan.

When Joel Osteen speaks about God’s plan, he calls it divine providence. He speaks of God working behind the scenes, even when we cannot see it. This resonates deeply with me as I face a situation that may seem beyond my control. I trust that there is a plan, a purpose, and a way forward, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

I am reminded that my part in this journey is to trust and to change my attitude from one of fear and doubt to one of faith. It begins with what I speak into existence. Instead of dwelling on the impending separation from my liberty, I declare that this is the day the Lord has made, and I am moving forward with strength through the joy of the Lord.

Pastor Osteen acknowledges that disappointments are a part of every person’s life, regardless of their faith or goodness. Even now, as I confront the disappointment of being separated from my wife, my daughters, and my eight grandchildren, I know that I am not alone. We all face setbacks and challenges. Instead of dwelling on past disappointments, I am learning to let go. This commitment to faith helps me to forgive myself for the predicament I’ve put my family in.

In the spirit of Joel Osteen’s message, I am examining what I may be holding onto, whether it be resentment, regrets, or past mistakes. I choose to release them to God, to forgive others and myself, and to open my heart to the bright future that awaits.

Rather than dwell on my challenges, I’ll work to inspire others who struggle through their own adversity. Adversity is not merely a personal journey but an opportunity to inspire and uplift others. Just as Joel Osteen’s message has inspired me, I hope to use my own experiences and the lessons I’ve learned to bring value to the lives of those I meet along this journey.

Today, on November 10, 2023, I am filled with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. I am reminded that even in the midst of uncertainty, faith can guide us, trust can sustain us, and the power of resilience can help us overcome disappointments. With this mindset, I am ready to embrace the journey that lies ahead and to use it as an opportunity to inspire and uplift others, just as Joel Osteen has inspired me.