Journal Entry: John Dalaly-11/07/2023-Best Outcomes

Journal Entry

As these days bring me closer to the day that I’ll surrender to prison, I’m developing my plan.

How will I use my time wisely in an environment that I do not fully understand?
I never ask anyone to do anything that I don’t do. Through these daily journals, I endeavor to show others the path that works for me.

To answer the question above, I must introspect and think about the best possible outcome. Anyone confronting a crisis can use this same strategy to restore confidence and grow toward something better. We find answers when we ask good questions. Those questions prompt us to find answers. One person may answer the question differently from another.

At this stage in my life, the best outcome will be to use the time I serve to service others. If I can help other people in prison learn how to reach their highest potential, I believe that I can bring more meaning to my community. By building a stronger community and contributing to the culture of a positive mindset, I will create meaning in a land that could breed hopelessness.

From what I have read, I will have to overcome many challenges. For that reason, I am writing out these plans–just as I will encourage others to write their plans!

Over the past 40+ years I’ve gained experience in international business development, nurturing global relationships, and opening joint ventures. From what I have read, people leaving prison have a hard time finding employment. Employers may be reluctant to hire them as members of their team. For that reason, I’ll teach people how to develop skills that I have learned. If they cannot find jobs, I’ll teach them how to create income streams that will allow them to live with their dignity intact, as contributing American citizens. If I can succeed in that effort, I will feel as if I have worked toward the best possible outcome.

I learned this tactic by studying many leaders, including one of my favorite preachers, Joel Olsteen. Many of his inspirational sermons sound similar, but I always find value in reading his work. He exudes positive thinking and helps others feel as if they can achieve a higher potential, regardless of what challenges they’ve faced in the past.
I like how Pastor Olsteen shares stories of people who faced adversity with unwavering faith and determination. His message helps me remember that we all have the ability to shape our destiny. He tells us that “It’s not about what happens to us,” he said, “but how we choose to respond. We have the power to decide our attitude and actions, and by doing so, we can manifest our desired destiny.”

From what I have read, prison systems do not foster hope. Many people who go to prison struggle with recidivism because they cannot land on their feet. When they conclude the service of their sentence, they face new challenges–such as getting basic stability.

God has blessed me with abundance in many ways, including a loving family. Every day I look at the pictures of my wife, my daughters, our eight grandchildren and I am thankful. I must work to prove worthy of their love, and I will endeavor to serve my community, even while I’m in prison.

I will strive to teach others how to focus on the best possible outcome.