Journal Entry: Joel Delano Powell-02/08/2024

Journal Entry

Journal writing
I was born in East Chicago Indiana,
raised in East Chicago Indiana, and Gary
Indiana, live in Cleveland Ohio, Lived in
Minnesota, Experienced a lot of things
both Moral and illegal, meaning Right and
wrong. My Parents raised me right I just
had a rebellious way of doing things, I am the second
Child of my Mother and Father the first Boy though.
I was born in 1965 of September, I have worked many
of jobs and form different businesses, my crime is
Bank Fraud and Identity Theft over 2.5 million and
I have been Incarcerated for 12 years as of the 20th day
of January. I am super BLESSED today for being here
on the Earth, a lot of others did not make it.
I have 10 children ages between 27-38.