Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-12/09/2023-Good News

Journal Entry

So yesterday I received some good news. The PAWS class I have been trying to put together has finally been given the go. After months of opposition, I finally connected with the director of education and was given the green light. Super excited to be able to share some knowledge on canine health and training to the women here. We are awaiting the dog program that involves the local shelter bringing dogs over daily for socialization. I started out writing to the TAPS shelter here in Pekin to tell them how there were many women here willing to donate time to the no-kill shelter with the basic grooming and socialization of the dogs. AND after many letters, we got a bulletin that said the TAPS program will be coming soon. It is hard here at Pekin if you are someone with a long sentence as there is not a lot of options to stay busy at these camps. That is why I continually stress the importance of getting attention to the fact that these camps need outside job opportunities. If we can be trusted to go into the community for medical appointments on our own then we should be given the opportunity to get jobs in the community also. Please help in our efforts to bring that to the attention of the powers that be. Until then we are staying positive and moving forward in anyway we can. GOOD DAYS !!!