Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-10/07/2023

Journal Entry

Weather is starting to turn which is fine with me I love winter. Staying busy with getting ACE class ready to submit to Warden for approval. I have decided to do two different classes. My sister sent me 4 books with info to pull from so i am happy about that. Still no word on Dog program it seems like nothing happens here at the camp. It is a shame we just sit around with nothing to do. We are free to go to town for doctor appointments but cannot go volunteer to work or get a real job in community to prepare for release. MAKES NO SENSE. I always thought at camp you were able to work or go to school in community. I thought that was whole point of camp instead i just sit here and do nothing. So sad to say i would rather be at an FCI with higher security where i can at least go to a job everyday. They need to re-think how camps are ran or send us home on home confinement to work.