Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-09/30/2023

Journal Entry

Wells Grandparents Day was a huge success. We had about 30 kids here. It is always nice to see children after you have been locked away for so many years. Was watching the news this morning and looks like there is a government shutdown happening. I wonder how that will affect the operations here at prison. We are having a hard enough time getting programs but with no workers or money will be even worse. Wish they would let us campers go on home confinement so we could get jobs and start working again to be productive members of society. I am getting ready to file for a sentence reduction. I know it is along shot but I have to keep trying. The ONLY program I have not completed here is RDAP and I can’t get into that program and never will until 5 years to door which will be AFTER my FSA days will get me home anyway. The system is messed up. I will have to start filing a remedy to be able to get into RDAP.