Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-08/24/2023

Journal Entry

Today is family day here at Pekin Camp. So we will be locked in the unit for two days while the women with children get to spend the day with their kids. Such a wonderful program. The women come back so happy after getting to spend an entire day with the kids. I hope that this encourages the BOP to do more programs like this or start-up with more social furloughs. And not just for people who are a year to the door. Those of us with long sentences need to start working on our relationships also especially since we have been away so long. Everyday I pray for more volunteer opportunities at camps or work release programs as the time here goes so slow since there are very few jobs. Thank god for the college correspondence program it should be starting in January. It will be my saving grace… Staying strong moving forward and always making a plan for the future as I will go home someday !!!!