Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-08/19/2023

Journal Entry

Today has been a crazy day. Lots of drama in the unit. we have been having problems with people touching other people’s property. So I am going to focus today on staying out of the drama and making sure I have my principles in line with my beliefs. It is eddy to get pulled into the mix here as you have as much free time. I ran into Mr. Mangold today and was told the sod program is back to square one. which means it could be a year or more. I am wondering if maybe it is time to start thinking about transferring to a camp in Arizona. I have family there and I have heard wonderful things about work opportunities there. So my plan is to talk to my aunt Julie and see if it ok to put her address as my release address. I am feeling very stuck here with no job opportunities in sight. I will stay positive though.