Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-08/16/2023

Journal Entry

Well today I finally got a job …cleaning the bathrooms!!! I am at Pekin camp and there are absolutely no jobs … I was lucky and knew the head orderly so I was able to get an orderly position after a few months of waiting. It is ridiculous that they send you to a camp to prepare you for the next step closer to home and where are the jobs? Where are the community volunteer opportunities i was told were at a camp. I wish I had stayed at the FCI where I had an opportunity at Horticulture educational training a. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO AT THIS CAMP BUT WALK AROUND A TRACK IN A CIRCLE. I am so disappointed BUT I will stay strong do self studies IF I can ever get the books SANTO”S sent here. SOMEONE PLEASE Fight for change..WE need reform we need work release jobs from camps to integrate back into society. WE can be trusted to live day to day without supervision or a fence BUT we cannot be trusted to work in community. It makes no sense.