Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-08/14/2023

Journal Entry

Today there were lots of news about Alice Johnson and it reminded me a lot of how we all can get “screwed over ‘ in our sentences. I have spent years thinking how unfair my case is 22 years is all time. BUT I am not focusing on that way of thinking anymore. I do not feel it will help me go home sooner or be more productive when I do go. I am choosing to focus on being accountable and not gleaning over the fact that I was guilty of selling drugs…LOTS of drugs, I destroyed families, relationships, and my own life in the process. Yes it was unfair but I cannot change the past …I CAN change how I think now and in the future and I choose to work towards being a better person making better choices for when I do go home. BECAUSE one thing is certain I WILL GO HOME SOMEDAY !!!