Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-08/11/2023

Journal Entry

I didn’t sleep well last night so I took it as an opportunity for reflection. As I lay on my bunk I thought about some letters I was going to write. I have been considering reaching out to the DEA and the Task Force guy who arrested me. I know .. you thinking why ??? Well tried to be helpful at my arrest by giving me the opportunity to cooperate and help with other arrests. I helped BUT while I was doing that I started using again and eventually, I instigated more busts for them by being involved in the game. Basically, I was playing both sides of the fence. So I didn’t end up getting any reduction for cooperation in fact I got 22 years. I messed up BIG TIME AGAIN… But I have learned since then I am not the person I was back then. I make better choices I don’t manipulate the situation to my favor in a bad way. I am living positively and accepting responsibility and being 100% honest about my past and future. So … I thought maybe by showing them maybe they will help with letters to the judge when it is time to file for my sentence reduction. If nothing else I will have been honest and maybe make some new friends or mentors out of the mess I created. We will see … I am writing letters today. It may be a chore to reach one individual as I know he retired. But I am going to try.