Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-05/05/2024

Journal Entry

Life has been difficult here at Pekin camp for women. We have a bus of 50 women arrive from Dublin. So we are at capacity which is making things tense. It was already difficult doing time here because there is so little to do. Resources are limited and jobs are scarce. We had 5 staff members walk out on the new Warden yesterday. We have no vocational programs or much in the way of educational programs . These camps are such a waste of taxpayer money. We should be home on home confinement monitored with ankle bracelets so we can work and pay our restitution. All we are doing here is costing the federal system money. The staff is unwilling to help on the few days they are here. Most days we have no unit team or psych services. And we have one doctor for the FCI who comes to camp every couple of weeks for one day.