Journal Entry: Jody Lynn Hughlette-04/24/2024

Journal Entry

So we are getting all the girls from Dublin camp. Last night we got 20 today we are getting another 28. We are going to be packed. On a good note, college classes are due to start June 6th. So that is a positive. I have become exhausted trying to get the dog program here. All I get are platitudes and lies. It is really unfortunate too because we have a dog shelter directly across the street that is willing to bring dogs over for socialization. But they still cannot get it done. On a sad note, we had a death here at Pekin. A 20-year-old with bad asthma. She had an attack and the staff was slow to respond and when they did respond they did NOTHING but stand by and watch her die. NO CPR NO RESPIRATION assistance whatsoever. A death due to an asthma attack is so preventable with proper medical care. But we do not have that here. WE DO NOT EVEN HAVE A DR ON STAFF. We have a nurse that comes over for a few hours in the morning and that is it. So basically if you have a medical emergency at PEKIN CAMP you will probably die. SO SAD