Journal Entry: Jessica Tubb-09/14/2023

Journal Entry

In the revolving door of regression… I went to the mail room yesterday to ask about having a bookstore ship one box that would contain 15 different inmates’ book orders to save them on shipping. (Let me mention this is a free book to the prisoner’s book store). I have compiled a list of 25 companies that do this for my state and have been ordering for a while. As Aliceville has a VERY small library, many other inmates have been asking about how I get these books. So in order to save on postage, my unit all handed me their own book orders, and I one request from each person in each envelope, having 25 envelopes each to a different company. So, the mail room tells me no, not only can we not combine different inmates’ books into one box, but that “As you can see I already have a room full of boxes with books, and this is only 3 days’ worth, so If your unit places these book orders it will be too many books for me to deal with.” She literally told me that she would open every envelope I send out in the mail to make sure I am not placing book orders for multiple inmates. I feel like she is forgetting that her job is to process any amount of mail that comes in. So I headed back to the unit, and when I arrive, my locker had been plundered and my cellie is telling me that the guard came and took all mail that was in my locker. I went to the office to inquire, and she tells me she was sending it to SIS to investigate me for mail fraud because I am sending mail out to other inmates. The extent to which one lazy person will go to prevent books from being sent in is absolutely incomprehensible. I completed my BP-199 requests for my birth certificate, and completed my Social Security card request and had those envelopes addressed, and stamped ready to go in my locker as well, and now have to fight to get those back too. I have had crystal clear conduct for 3 years now, and the potential fallout for “committing mail fraud” has me infuriated. However, at the end of the day, either way…. the books will be ordered, the books will be read and shared, and the support from such organizations is appreciated, and information on how to use their services will be shared!