Journal Entry: Jessica Tubb-09/13/2023

Journal Entry

Tubb. It’s my last name, and phonetically speaking this is no tomato tomottoe; but Tube is what I’ve come to answer to. Something as simple as the application of simple grade school grammar is beyond comprehension here at Aliceville. Every BOP location has its ups and downs; however, I find it increasingly difficult to find any ups here at FCI Aliceville in Alabama. Of course, everyone blames the general attitude and ignorance on the fact that we’re in Alabama. But I’ve been in Alabama all my life and have never struggled with ignorance of this magnitude in Mobile or Baldwin County. I feel like this BOP location was so poorly researched it is a pure injustice. Aliceville is too far from Tuscaloosa to be convenient, which leaves us staffed with a whole lot of the bottom of the barrel from the backwoods. A real treasure trove of cowboy boots, country accents, spitting snuff juice by your feet, power trips. Rather than have this become a long rant, I have to remind myself that sometimes I need to take a moment from what I’m focusing on, and put forth a little effort into holding the BOP accountable for the living conditions, and abuse they subject us to, and push for change to improve the prison term I will have to finish. I’m certainly making my efforts to support reform, and making sure I’m as ready as possible to be released tomorrow in the event that miracle comes true, but the environment I am surrounded by until then is really important to me as well. Today I am going to the mail room to pick up 5 certified mail slips, and having my manila envelopes weighed. My calculations have me at spending around $50 to mail 5 envelopes each containing about 40 pieces of paper. It’s the supporting document that accompanies 8 requests for Sensitive Tens, as well as a document for Internal Affairs to add to their investigation into our Warden here. Crazy I should have to spend so much, but it’s the only way to ensure that the compound actually sends the documents they normally mishandle. At the end of the day, it’s just exhausting emotionally and mentally to simply deal with things sometimes.