Journal Entry: Jeffrey Piecka-07/08/2023

Journal Entry

July 8, 2023

As part of my daily routine of bettering myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, I came across this Bible verse today:

Mark 7:18-20 (Paraphrasing) — Everything that goes into you can not defile you. But what comes out of (your heart) that is what defiles you.

When I exit Federal Prison and re-enter society, people will always have opinions of me because I am a “convicted felon”. Some will keep their opinions to themselves and some will express them verbally or with actions. For example, I may never be eligible for certain jobs, or even a promotion to a certain position, because of my felony. Basically, they are saying “We don’t trust you.” And that is 100% their right. However, nobody’s thoughts or opinions of me will define me. I will define me by my own thoughts, words, and actions.

We can eat healthy, we can exercise 7 days a week, we can even read the Bible every day–Does all that “good stuff” going into your body mean you are a Saint? Nope! Does someone’s opinion of you because of a background check mean you are forever a sinner or bad person? Of course not! What matters is what comes OUT of your heart. THAT is what determines who I am as a person, good or bad, Saint or Satan.

I will not let others opinions of my Felony defile me. My heart will define me.

I am Fine and I am Safe,