Journal Entry: Jeffrey Piecka – 07/12/2023

Journal Entry

July 12, 2023

Before I self-surrendered on June 6, 2022, I promised my wife and family that I would better myself physically, mentally, and spiritually every day I was in Federal prison.

Why Physically?

Physical exercise is very popular in Federal Prison for 2 main reasons:
1) It takes up chunks of time during the day. Some guys workout a few hours a day multiple times a day!!
2) Guys, especially those who have been down for a while, want to leave Prison “looking good” because one of their first priorities is to meet women.

I want to better myself physically NOT for vanity purposes. I exercise because a better operating body equals a better operating mind. When you are physically fit, or working toward being fit, your brain actually works better. You also have more energy through out the day to tackle all your goals and when you feel better about yourself, you have more confidence in EVERYTHING you do. (And yes, ok, my wife loves muscles also!)

Now, at both Federal Prison Camps I have been at, Oxford and Thomson, there are no weights allowed. Therefore, bettering yourself physically means being creative with the basics–push ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, really everything is body weight resistance. But even the most basic exercises work IF you challenge yourself!

When I leave Federal Prison later this year, I will be challenged by Life. I may find a job that also challenges me physically also! I want to make sure my body and my mind are as strong as they can be so I can maximize my performance in Life After Prison.

I am Fine and I am Safe,