Journal Entry: Jeffrey Piecka – 07/11/2023

Journal Entry

July 11, 2023
Jacob’s Ladder

In order to better yourself, especially in Federal Prison, you have to push yourself. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. You can not grow being comfortable all the time. When it came to Bible Study, I pushed myself by picking topics to lead the discussion for the day. When it came to reading, I decided to always finish by writing book reports to better commit the book to memory and also to help encourage others to read. Today, I decided to challenge myself physically. Every so often, you need to add weight, change up the exercises, etc.

I noticed when we moved from Oxford FPC (Federal Prison Camp) to Thomson FPC, they had a machine called “Jacobs Ladder”. Picture a wide ladder with wooden rungs at about a 60 degree angle. The first thing you do is put on a belt that is tied to the machine. You then adjust the belt to match your height, which adjusts the tension on the machine. When you are ready to start, you climb on the machine and start “climbing the ladder” using your arms and your legs. I heard it was TOUGH so I decided to use the machine and sit-ups as my “finisher” to my daily workout–2 minutes on the Ladder and then 25 sit-ups. Eventually, I want to complete 4 sets of that circuit so it adds up to 8 minutes on the Ladder and 100 sit-ups.

Today was my first day on the Ladder so I decided to just do 1 set of 2 minutes and 25 sit-ups; I did not want to push it and wake up tomorrow too sore and not exercise at all. Here is my opinion of Jacob’s Ladder–First, if I ever meet “Jacob”, I will punch him in his stupid face!! Seriously though, it is a TOUGH machine, but I completed 2 minutes and 25 sit-ups and hit the showers (I also completed my normal work-out before this, hence the “finisher”.)

I know I hated every second on that Ladder but I also know I bettered myself physically today. And I will again tomorrow and the next day. Bettering yourself is not always fun or as easy as reading a book. But it is necessary so I am prepared to face whatever challenges that present themselves when I leave Prison this year.

Thanks for Reading!! Love you All!! (This can be left out of the Journal).

I am Fine and I am Safe,