Journal Entry: Jeffrey Piecka – 07/10/2023

Journal Entry

July 10, 2023
There is 1 thing everyone reading this journal entry and everyone in Prison has in common with Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Tom Brady, Oprah, and Michael Jordan — We ALL get 24 hours in a day. No matter how much money you have, you can not buy anymore than anyone else or make it pause or slow down.

The major difference between those listed above and the other 99% of the population is how they USE their 24 hours. The most successful people budget their hours in a day like they budget for their business – with 100% purpose:

–I will sleep for _ hours and wake up at this time.
–From here to here I will do this.
–Here to here is this.

Every block of time has meaning and there is ZERO waste. Do changes occur? Of course! But adjustments are then made and the day continues with purpose.

In Federal Prison, time can be spent in 2 ways — productive or non-productive.
Non-productive looks like this — sleep until I want to get up, eat, watch tv, nap, eat, play cards, watch tv, bed. Repeat.

In order for me to achieve my goals of success after Prison, my schedule needs to look like this:
6am -7 am = Wake up and exercise
7 – 7:30 = Get ready for the day (get dressed, brush teeth, make my coffee, etc.)
7:30 – 8:30 = Read daily newspaper with my coffee. Stay up to date with business and world news.
8:30 – 9:30 = Watch and study the financial markets opening.
9:30 – 11:30 = Work in the kitchen (dishes).
11:30 – 12 pm = Eat lunch, relax.
12 – 2 pm = Bible Study
2 – 3 pm = Watch and study financial markets closing.
3 – 5 pm = Work in Kitchen (dishes).
5 – 6 pm = Eat dinner, shower, relax.
6 – 8 pm = Watch TV and shut off my brain for a bit.
8 – 10 pm = Read non-fiction books and write book reports.
10 pm after count = Bed
On the weekends , it changes a bit but it is still 90% the same.

In Prison, you can focus on bettering yourself or you can exit prison the same person who entered, or even worse. It all comes down to how you budget your hours.

I am Fine and I am Safe,