Journal Entry: Jeffery John Okeefe-05/18-22/2023

Journal Entry

These four days were some of the worst of my life. On May 17th I sat in an isolated holding cell wearing only the oversized prison clothes the intake booking officer told me to put on. He told me to just sit there and wait and someone would be down to take me to my Unit. I was glad that he didn’t shut and lock the large steel-barred prison door, he must have thought this old man would not be any trouble, which of course I wouldn’t have been. I was glad because had he locked me in, panic and phobia I am certain would have unfolded. As it was, I sat there contemplating my fate for the next three hours. And still, no one came. Finally, the intake officer called me out of the holding cell, took me out a back door, and said “See that dorm-style-looking building that has Granville A on it? Think you can find your way there, not get lost, climb the steps to the upstairs entrance, and report to the CO on duty”?….

….to be continued, I can only write so much at a time.