Journal Entry: Jarrod David Copeland-09/17/2023

Journal Entry


On September 2nd, 2023 I got to feel my wife in my arms for the first time in 26 months. To say it was amazing would do it little justice. This was the greatest day of the last 26 months of my life. When I saw her it felt like my spirit leaped from my body to hug her before I could even reach. This is how I know that our love isn’t written in the sand, but the stars. She felt so perfect in my arms. It was a feeling that I had known yet something was different. We had always been very affectionate towards each other and this was the known feeling that I had longed for. Was it different because I hadn’t touched her in so long, or my heart ached for her? I would say both, but it’s much deeper than that though. I know my heart is undergoing change and my eyes are becoming wide open. This woman has always made my heart beat to a different rhythm and her beauty still takes my breath away. The feeling was much more spiritual than physical. My spirit, my soul, felt like it was home. The place where I belong, in her arms. She has always been able to keep the demons away, but throughout the last 26 months of incarceration, I have battled every one of them. So I have a choice to make. Continue down the same path that led me here, that put wedges between me and my wife. Or focus on what truly matters, my family and my faith. I am truly blessed to have a wife that loves me and shows me what true love looks like. When God designed a woman to be a man’s partner, I believe He envisioned my wife. I could write pages and pages about this amazing woman and how I truly don’t deserve her. This is my public promise to her, so the world knows as well as she and God. I will spend the rest of my life showing her that her love and faith are not in vain.

Jarrod Copeland