Journal Entry: Jarrod David Copeland-07/21/2023

Journal Entry

Jarrod Copeland

This is my second week here at Lompoc FCI. The time has gone by in a blur, to say the least. It’s way different than my time in county jail. I spent 21 months in Santa Rita(Dublin, CA) and this is like Disneyland compared to that. I’ve signed up for 2 classes already. Guitar basics and sketching(art). My first guitar class is next Thursday and the sketching class doesn’t start for a few weeks. I’m waiting on my first team meeting with my Case Manager. I was told by the Lieutenant at R&D that I was eligible for 6 months Home Confinement and 6 months halfway house and with FSA I could be out way sooner. So to understand that, I qualify for FSA(which I can’t see why I wouldn’t) I am staying focused on my personal growth and staying away from potential problems. I submitted my bio a few days ago and also a journal entry titled Redemption. I am hoping to receive the books for the PSAP(Preparing for Success After Prison) now that I am here. I am fully dedicated to not being just another statistic. I am using this “time” for my benefit and not letting this “time” use me. I am continuing to add to my Release plan by being a part of classes and reading books that will benefit me. Always the coffee bean.