Journal Entry: Jarrod David Copeland-07/17/2023-REDEMPTION

Journal Entry

Jarrod Copeland

Today my mind is a cloud. I woke up with the all too familiar setting of confinement. It’s stifling and heavy. Hard to breathe. Even my eyes fight me when I try to lift them open. My spirit is restless. My breaths were shallow. Why? I ask myself again. Do I deserve this? Can I be forgiven? Will I be redeemed?..
I feel like my skin is on fire. The sun here is very harsh. It only adds to my torture. My head pounds like I have been struck with a hammer. My muscles were sore from lifting weights for the first time in 2 years. That is a small comfort believe it or not. The old familiar feeling. My shame and guilt hold me down like an anchor. What am I in control of here? The last freedom I have is my thoughts. If I let them hold me then I truly am a prisoner. I thank God and give Him the glory before I start my day. I ask Him to protect my wife and keep her safe above all. She is my strength. Jesus is my light and she is my guard rails. I will remain focused and free my mind from bondage. I am being refined. I am forgiven. I will be REDEEMED…