Journal Entry: Jarrod David Copeland-05/13/2024-Letter to Probation Officer

Journal Entry

Jarrod Copeland
Lompoc FCI LOW

As I transition from prison to the halfway house, it is my goal to prove that I am fully dedicated to making amends for my actions. I can’t change the past, but I can work to build a better future for myself and my family. Rather than allow the sentence or the prison walls to define me, I have used my time inside to right my wrongs and move towards improving myself in thought, heart, and actions so to prepare for a successful release. I continue to hold myself accountable by putting together a re-entry plan that, with the help of my wife, will serve as guide to ensure that I stay on the right path and always moving towards improvement and redemption. I realize rehabilitation isn’t just about me, it’s also about people and communities and the protection and safety of all, including myself. It is my hope that you will see beyond the surface of my current circumstance as I humbly ask for your consideration of my efforts and hard work- which I will share in detail at the end of this letter. Please also consider the life I left behind with my wife and family before this unfortunate event, and how much they need me to help them with life’s responsibilities and challenges.

I’m happy to report that while incarcerated, I have done all that I can in my power to make amends for my actions by helping where I can and by educating myself. I used my education and skills in a positive, productive, and respectful manner. I’m committed not by mere words but through actions that demonstrate my resolve to change. I believe I have changed and made positive improvements while serving my time. Along with my evolving Release Plan, which I update my progress every time I complete a class, program, or book report. I’m documenting what I’m learning and how I’m using my time productively through the encouragement of a program through You can also subscribe to my newsletter to be notified anytime I submit any new works.

I developed a Release plan as I wanted to have focal point to guide me through my incarceration and on to my transition back into the community. Below is a list of the programs and classes in which I have successfully completed. I decided early in my incarceration that I was going to be proactive in improving myself by participating in classes and courses and improving my personal and professional development. I began taking courses from the very beginning of my incarceration at Santa Rita County Jail all through my transfers to Pahrump, Victorville, and presently continuing courses at my current location, FCI Lompoc. As of recently, I have put together an automotive class which the Education department at FCI Lompoc has approved. I have already finished teaching one class and I’m in the process of teaching another one with 25 students attending. Automotive has been my professional trade and passion for the past 18 years.

The following courses are classes I have taken and completed, some of which I have received Certificates of Completions:

Courses and Programs Completed:
Financial Literacy
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People/Five Keys
Roots Of Success/Five Keys
Entrepreneurship Basics/Five Keys
Thinking For The Future;Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Anger Management
Straight A Guide/Michael G. Santos
Real Estate/ACE
Guitar Basics/Rec
Talk With Your Doctor, Brain Health, Health and Wellness/FSA
Kairos Prison Ministry
Preparing For Success After Prison/FSA
Money Smart/FSA
Automotive Technology/ACE(My class)
ServSafe Management

Also I have just received my orientation packet for Coastline College in which I am seeking to get a degree in Business as my goal is to have my own Automotive repair shop.

Work assignments throughout my incarceration:
Pod Worker/Santa Rita
Orderly/Victorville FCI
Education, ACE tutor/Lompoc FCI

When I am released I plan to reconnect with my previous employer since they have already told me that I will be rehired. Something I am proud to share about my previous profession in automotive was that I was doing really well and accomplishing much in my role and was well on my way to a promising career before my incarceration put a halt on everything I knew. I was one of the few leading in sales in my region and nationally company wide. I was ranked number 3 in sales in the entire country. My passion in automotive has also caused me to think more seriously about my skills and natural gifting. It lead me to really wanting to fulfill my lifelong dream of starting my own automotive repair shop.

In closing, during my sentence hearing I stated that the fault lied in my head and not my heart. Those polluted thoughts do not reflect my feelings or my life. I broke the trust of my community as well as my country. Most of all I have let my family down. I have and will devote my remaining time in prison to improve myself and to help others. Upon release I will continue to make amends and reconcile with society. I have a duty and responsibility to work toward making things right. To hold myself accountable I will strive to stay on course with these goals:
I strive to be empathetic and mindful of everyone around me
I will not associate with anyone who could potentially deter my path of being a successful, law-abiding citizen
I will build a strong support network to ensure that I do not deviate from my goals.

I understand the gravity of my offense and do not seek to downplay its seriousness. I do, however, firmly believe in the importance of second chances. I look forward to the chance to prove to you through my continued actions that I am in constant determination to become a successful contributing member of society. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Thank you and God bless.

Jarrod Copeland