Journal Entry: Jarrod David Copeland-04/25/2024-Case Manager help

Journal Entry

I signed supervised release paperwork back in November of last year with my release address and Wife’s info. I went back for my team meeting in January of this year, and was told that the BOP is awaiting my probation relocation approval. I live in the Eastern District and my indictment is out of the Northern District so I was told that probation has to release me from one in order to be accepted by the other. My then Case Manager Mr. Stiltner told me that sometimes it takes up to 3 months for approval and that I can still expect to be transferred to the halfway house in May of this year.(that’s 12 months from my hard out date) Then Mr. Stiltner left this prison and I was told that my new Case manager is Mr. Jimenez. It took me 4 weeks of coming to Open Door in order to finally see him at the end of March. I explained the situation to him and he seemed to understand. He told me to come back in 2 weeks that he would check on it. I come back in 2 weeks and he says that he reached out to probation and got no response. I have an assigned PO in the Eastern District named Lisa Hage which my wife has spoken to already. My case manager then tells me that this process can take up to 9 months and advises me to come back in 2 more weeks with a Copout requesting to cancel the relocation and declare that I am homeless in order to sign halfway house paperwork. I came back as instructed(that was 2 weeks ago) Mr. Jimenez was not here as seems to be a constant. I spoke to the Unit Team manager and he told me to come back on Thursday of last week to see Mr. Jimenez. I came back last Thursday and once again he was not here. I am doing my best to advocate for myself, I even wrote the Assistant Warden Mr. J. Pino a letter that I gave to him. Today at Open door Mr. Jimenez was not here so I spoke to the Unit Team manager. I explained what is happening and he instructed me to wait for Mr. Jimenez to come back. I have been going every week for 3 weeks now. He said that the idea of me putting homeless was good because he said I can add my release address from the halfway house and would be quicker. I asked for his help and he told me that I have plenty of time this is not an emergency. I responded that I’m 13 months from the door and then said I’m not getting 12 months to stop being pushy. I apologized and then he told me to just be patient and wait for Mr. Jimenez who will be back shortly.(a time that I don’t know when)