Journal Entry: Jarrod David Copeland-04/10/2024-Letter to AW

Journal Entry

Mr. J. Pino,

I’m writing you this letter to provide a more detailed response to the question you had asked me. “What have I done to help myself?” First I would like to say that I understand the gravity of my offense and I do not seek to downplay its seriousness. I do, however, firmly believe in the importance of second chances. In my closing statement at my sentence hearing I stated that the fault lied in my head and not my heart. Those polluted thoughts do not reflect my feelings or my life. I broke the trust of my community as well as my country. Most of all I have let my family down. I can’t change the past, but I can work to build a better future for myself and my family. Rather than allow the sentence or the prison walls to define me, I have used my time inside to right my wrongs and move towards improving myself in thought, heart, and actions so to prepare for a successful release. Along with the help of my amazing wife, I developed a Release Plan as I wanted to have a focal point to guide me through my incarceration and on to my transition back into the community. I am happy to report that I am doing all that I can in my power to make amends for my actions by educating myself and shifting my paradigm. I believe I have changed and made positive improvements.

Along with my evolving Release Plan, which I update my progress every time I complete a class, program, or book report, I’m documenting what I’m learning and how I’m using my time productively through the encouragement of a community called Prison Professors Talent. Should you want to read my Release Plan, book reports and journals you can go to the website. to see the work that I’ve submitted. I decided early in my incarceration that I was going to be proactive in improving myself by participating in classes and courses and improving my personal and professional development. I began taking courses from the very beginning of my incarceration at Santa Rita county jail all through my transfers to Pahrump(Transfer), Victorville FCI and now here at Lompoc FCI. I have successfully completed the recommendations of my Unit Team and have provided certificates as well as obtain a work assignment in Education as a Clerk and an ACE tutor for a class that I created.(Automotive Technology)

I have the approval of my previous employer Snap On to continue my career with them once I’m released. This is just a path that will ultimately lead to me starting my own automotive repair shop, something that has been in the works for some time now. I have been in the automotive industry for nearly twenty years and it’s still my passion. I have a duty and responsibility to work toward making things right. To hold myself accountable I will strive to stay on course to these goals:

  • I strive to be empathetic and mindful of everyone around me.
  • I will not associate with anyone who could potentially deter my path of being a law-abiding citizen.
  • I will build a strong support network to ensure that I do not deviate from my goals.

It is my hope that you, along with my Unit Team, will support my maximum placement into a halfway house. I look forward to the chance to prove through my continued actions that I am in constant determination to become a successful contributing member of society. I am deeply remorseful of the actions that led to my incarceration and will continue to seek redemption. Thank you and God bless.

Jarrod Copeland