Journal Entry: Jarrett M James-09/11/2023

Journal Entry

Good afternoon. I haven’t been journaling lately but I have still been striving for greatness. I had an unexpected attorney call on Friday, September 8. FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums) referred me to their lawyers to have them file my compassionate release motion when the newly amended law goes into effect on November 1. I have been adding to my “tribe” with the addition of the Santos books that are easy to read and understand. when I got a complete understanding of the tribe Michael Santos was speaking of I realized I had been building a tribe for years. I have been a centerpiece in keeping the peace in this yard not as a shot caller but as a voice that’s respected based on how I do this time I was given. I don’t involve myself with the stupidity so when things come up both sides usually involve me. I had a good relationship with the “shot callers” in black and white. a good guy I have been mentoring about life is leaving soon to go and take the RDAP program. I didn’t know I impacted his life the way I did until we had to say our goodbyes. I have read a few times in Michael Santos’ teachings the way he views the financial market like it’s a get-rich-quick scheme and not a real career. I don’t view it the same way. I spend time and energy trying to master the financial market specifically the futures market. I have planned and traded from inside until Russia invaded Ukraine. it has really messed with my mental a little Other than that I have been keeping on my path and don’t think about failure at all/. my networking has been growing little by little its been hard to get accepted for school but it will come in due time.