Journal Entry: Jarrett M James-08/21/2023

Journal Entry

Since my last journal, I have completed the Finance of real estate book as well as Michael Santos’ book 8,344th day. I will be writing my thoughts on those books next. I haven’t been journaling much because the last week or so has been uneventful. I need some things taken care of and the outside support I have for the most part is great but my mother has control over things and if she isn’t in the right mood it delays things and causes me to get frustrated. so I haven’t been as productive as I planned but I have read 4 books this week. the reports are to follow. reading Michael Santos’ book made me know that I was on the right track with how I’m operating for the most part but his book showed me that he made goals out of everything. from the number of push-ups, he wanted to do and pages he wanted to write for the book he was working on to the miles he ran. I make goals but I don’t do it to that extent and that opened my eyes a lot.