Journal Entry: Jarrett M James-08/09/2023

Journal Entry

I sent off 5 more letters to universities. I found out about a program that will help me getting employment upon my release. It’s a bonding program and also a work tax credit program. for somebody like me who has been gone going on 18 years, my application is going to look crazy from a 44-year-old. no work history and felonies. so I’m going to put myself in the best position I can at all times. from what I understand it gives incentives for employers to hire me and if I do wrong they get reimbursed. I’m drafting the letter to the bond program coordinator today I will send it off tonight. I completed a letter to the youth justice and prevention center a place I want to volunteer at hopefully they will accept me so I can help at-risk youth the same as I was but I later turned into an adult criminal something I don’t want them becoming. my letters to the boys and girls clubs will go out tomorrow I can only send out 5 letters a day and I got a few more university letters that need to be mailed.