Journal Entry: Jarrett M James-08/08/2023

Journal Entry

Yesterday I completed “Preparing for Success after Prison program” and I sent out 15 more letters to colleges and universities. the program was great I got a couple of comments about it though. First I believe it needs to be taught at the start of your term or as early as a person can get it. because the goals are very important and the life lessons and the emotions, communication, and integrity, etc.. these things need to be explained when u first come in. It can prevent a person from getting seriously injured or extending his stay in here. Also, I think that it should lay out what a release plan looks like on a step-by-step basis. other than that I learned a lot even though I knew that stuff already. The second half was the best it was more diving in the first half was a lot more reading I love reading but u can lose people that don’t. all in all, that was my day. I got to work on these community organizations now making sure I line them up correctly.