Journal Entry: Jarrett M James-08/07/2023-Late Journal

Journal Entry

Today is August 7
I was supposed to journal yesterday but I was unable to do it because of unforeseen circumstances. I didn’t want it to look like I wasn’t a man of my word. So I will send out the journal today along with my start-up release plan. I don’t think many people know how to write up a release plan. I have been looking for some template or some kind of guidance I can use to have an understanding of how to put it together. I asked numerous people and nobody knew. So I think a major problem is that people just simply don’t know how to put a release plan together. I didn’t know if it should be weekly or if it should be by what I wanted to accomplish. I was confused so anyway I put it together the best I could and hopefully I will get feedback on how to make it better.